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If you’re like most people, you probably have today pretty well under control. Tomorrow, on the other hand, always promises elements of uncertainty.

How do you prepare? What about your investments? What about your health? What about your children’s college tuition? What about retirement? What about the future of your business? If something happens to you, what will your family or business do? What about estate taxes? In short, what about . . . everything?

To find the right answers, you must know the right questions. When you’re trying to plan for the future financial security of your family, yourself and your business, there are so many questions to ask. Indeed, you may not even realize what the right questions are. That’s where the Financial Services Group at Dean Bank enters the picture. We know the right questions, and - just as importantly - we can help you arrive quickly at the right answers.

To serve your needs tomorrow, we must earn your trust today. Choosing the right financial services company is a very personal matter. After all, many of your plans and hopes may well depend on this one decision. Consequently, it is vital that the people to whom you entrust your financial future offer a well conceived combination of professional and personal attributes. Among these are:

  • A commitment to help you clarify and to attain your financial goals
  • Ethics and integrity in which you can trust implicitly
  • Broad insurance and financial industry experience
  • Superior personal and business products and services
  • Financially innovative ideas
  • Fiscal prudence to help you manage investments wisely

When you choose the Financial Services Group at Dean Bank, you can count on finding all of these attributes, delivered to you with the highest level of personal service.

The Financial Services Group at Dean Bank engages in money management and financial services for individual, corporate, and institutional clients. We draw on the experience of a broad range of banking and industry professionals. The Financial Services Group at Dean Bank is associated with financial services experts specializing in estate and tax planning, insurance, pension plan management, portfolio management, and individual retirement planning. Call Carl Scheinman today at (508) 541-5696 to schedule a confidential no-obligation consultation of your financial goals or request an appointment online.

At this time, our financial professionals are licensed to sell insurance and securities products in the states of MA, CT, RI, NH and FL only and are unable to provide these services to individuals outside of this area. Not all products are available in all states.

Securities offered through Clary Investment and Insurance Planning Corporation, North Easton, MA, a broker dealer registered with the FINRA, Member SIPC. Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment company carefully before investing. The investor may obtain a prospectus from the representative, Carl Scheinman, or directly from the mutual fund/variable annuity company. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

Financial Planning Services and Investment Advisory Services are offered through Genesis Wealth Advisors, Inc, Stoughton, MA, a SEC registered investment advisor. Genesis and its investment advisor representatives are solely responsible for the services they provide. Each representative will provide their own disclosure documentation further describing their services.

Insurance services are provided by The Winnick Insurance Agency, Wellesley Hills, MA.

Dean Bank is not affiliated with Clary Investment & Insurance Planning Corporation, Genesis Wealth Advisors, Inc, or The Winnick Insurance Agency.






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